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*eats popcorn*


He always represented many things I hate about the gay community as a whole. Then again, so do those anonymous comments lol. We’re all catty bitches. 

A little modesty goes a loooong way

Well this was a crazy shit storm of a thread to read through. Even crazier is that the commentators seem to have turned on each other and self imploded towards the last half. What?

Tony and I have had the pleasure of befriending Dylan and Dan for almost a year now. We stayed under their roof for a week and have been exchanging messages almost everyday since. I’m at a loss where all the heat is coming from. They really are good people. Promise.

tartanpup asked:

Omg Arman your photos are so mixed up I'm confusing myself on which day I'm on!! Lolol.

I know, I’m sorry. I had trouble getting pictures for certain themes out so I just pushed out what I had ready at the time so I wouldn’t miss a day. I’m caught up now, so we’ll be back to your regular scheduled programing starting tomorrow.

iMessage / Android Woes

I noticed in a Tumblr posting last week that you and Tony TXT Message instead of iMessage (probably because he has an Android phone).  Well I just wanted to let you know that you can both install and use Google Hangouts messenger and duplicate the iMessage experience and it works on both iOS and Android.

When you say the iMessage experience are you referring to how it syncs everything to my devices? I actually turn that off. I can’t have our dirty messages on my iPad. haha.

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