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Just dropped of the hubby at the airport. He’s heading to North Carolina to see family for 10 days. Admittedly I get a bit of separation anxiety without him.
And it looks like it’s Chinese take out for the next week for me cuz I can’t cook for shit:P

Ugh. So i don’t have a photo prepped for todays photo challenge for the theme, NEW. But I do have one queued for one that’s for a few days from now. I’m going to share that instead so i don’t skip a day.

So Tony found this piece of paper lying around the house. It’s the marco scripts that I came up with for when I play the MMO, Final Fantasy 14:ARR.
Without me knowing, he took it with him to his title holder’s meeting (Mr/Miss leather, Alaska Bear and Cub) and showed it to his buddies there to share how much of a nerd his husband is.
He was actually shocked that a lot of them knew what it was and said that I came up with some neat strategies! They’re Final Fantasy geeks too! Hahaha.

April Photo a Day Challenge: A favorite Place

*This walkway was the place where Tony (akbearcub) and I met up for our first date. When we hugged upon seeing each other, I hugged him longer and tighter than I normally would when meeting any other person for the first time. I think I already sensed back then that this boy was special.

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