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Before I started cutting at around April I was at about 216 lbs. Between that cutting period, attending EDC and Bear Week, I’ve dropped down to 193 lbs. That’s a good 23lbs dropped and munis 5 inches around the waist.

I’m kind of conflicted with what direction I want to take my body. I like my fit look at the moment since it’s still summer and there are several events still to come. But I have this crazy urge to pack on the weight and make some muscle gains already. Hmm, decisions…

shortandsharp asked:

1. Hope you're getting/feeling better.... 2. With all the random P-town photos I've seen on tumblr, facebook, etc you and yr hubby are just the cutest fucking thing haha... So adorable n sexy.

I am 100% recovered now actually. Just in time to celebrate our friend’s birthday tonight. Thank you.

I’m glad you like the Ptown photos and updates. I wanted to capture everything about that trip so i can always look back on those fond memories.


Photos I forgot to post of the ever handsome bigxbad.

His “first time” flagging, he was doing perfectly executed spins, card shuffling, and poi-inspired five beat weaves.

Second photo is at the rest point during our bike ride.  Caught him on the staircase.  Very handsome when exhausted.

Ahw thanks for these shots Dylan :-D

Hope all goes well on your next trip. Super excited for you!


Anonymous asked:

Why wasn't inner bear at Bear Week? are you guys still friends?

Tony and I have yet to meet Phil (InnerBear) personally actually, but we all chat on the regular. Ptown just didn’t workout for him this year. Although in September, we will all finally be together for the first time for Folsom:)

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