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September is Folsom Street Fair month.  Really looking forward to partying with my friends innerbear, akbearcub, bigxbad, and ginger-beef again :D

Folsom is a pretty big week in San Francisco with dozens of parties and events.  It can be overwhelming to new folks.  While not exhaustive, here’s what we’ll be doing to celebrate Leather Pride Week:

The outfits, the flags, the hot muscle bears, the lights, the amazing dance music, and most importantly, the best group of friends to be doing all this with.

I get butterflies just thinking about it.

I was reflecting on my diet the last 1.5 months. I thought i was just hitting 4K calories daily but turns out i’m beyond that. Which is good since my goal is to make gains.
I must say my estimates for lunch and dinner are pretty modest. I’m sure I’m eating way beyond just 900 calories per meal. This doesn’t even include random things I snack on throughout the day. I would honestly put me at 5.5k calories.

Thought I would to share. This is how i’ve been eating for over a month now since our last vacation but i’ve only gained 7lbs.

My weight gains are so slow….grr.

Last night we had friends over to watch the documentary Under the Electric Sky. It’s all about EDC (2013) and just the rave culture that surrounds it. I highly recommend it if you ever wanted to know what the experience was like or all about. It’s so nostalgic for those who’ve attended.

Sometimes I question, should I go for the 3rd time next year? Then I see this and I’m reminded of the amazing experiences that we had. YES. I do want to go back. I want to dance the night away. Kiss my akbearcub in a crown of 150,000 people and for a brief moment feel the world drown out. It’s just he and I… kissing under the electric sky.


Anonymous asked:

Any tips for someone looking to get into the flow arts? I'd love to work my way up to fire spinning one day. O_o Have you tried? Using fans also looks so pretty . . . I love your videos!! ^__^

I posted about this fairly recently. Refer to this post.

I have yet to try fire poi. It’s a level I plan on getting to someday, if the right person can teach me.

And thanks for liking the videos. All my video’s are tagged under #videos or #poi.

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